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This is a very nice subform example in MS Access. You can easily create the tables and code yourself without having to pay for it, - by just following the video. Why not save yourself a bit of time & trouble, download it, ready made!

I use this video in at least two blogs on my website, one on Subforms here:-

And the other blog on Many to Many Relationships here:-

I demonstrate creating the Student Form (The Master Form) On this form is placed the sub-form which relates the hobbies to each student. The many-to-many table which stores the relationship between the student and hobbies (and vice versa) only contains integers (numbers) so I also demonstrate how to change the textbox on the subform which is displaying the reference number to the hobby into a combobox and get the Combo to show the corresponding text description of the item with a look up..

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Adding Hobbies to a Student Database - Nifty Access

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