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This "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker" uses new, advanced techniques to make a simple a cleaner solution for MS Access developers.

There are quite a few "Date Pickers" out there, but this one's Novel in that it doesn't need both a form and a module, it is just a Form. The other advantage of my "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker" is the code is new, just created, and hence I understand it quite well! In other words if you want to modify the date picker to do something different, then it's going to be very easy. I will provide instructions on how easy it is for you to add buttons to go to specific dates, and how do other things with the "Calendar Control" / "Date Picker" - just let me know what you want to do with it, and I'll see if I can come up with the code.

Full Details on Nifty Date Picker on the Nifty Access Website

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Nifty Date Picker - MS Access

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