Pre-order the Upgrade "Nifty Option Group" AND GET A BONUS!!!

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Pre-order the Upgrade "Nifty Option Group" AND GET A BONUS!!!

Nifty Access
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Nifty Option Group - Upgraded to use Images! - Looks Beautiful - (See it in the YouTube Video)

Release Date:- April 7th 2021

Pre-order the “Nifty Option Group” and get a Bonus, the “Seven Stars Rating Control”. Also get 66% off(Use Coupon Code:- 3gyip6x) Pre-order and you won't get charged until the 7th of April 2021...

Your account may show a test charge of $1 which should be refunded almost immediately!

The first version of the “Nifty Option Group'' used the wingding characters, this was an improvement on the original Microsoft Office Option Group, however I’ve taken it up a level to something really nice! See the proof-of-concept YouTube Video.

I've got it working, however is it needed? Would you like an upgraded Nifty Option Group? An upgrade that shows images instead of wingdings? That’s what this product “Nifty Option Group” and the “Seven Stars Rating Control" is about, it's an upgrade I am currently working on. The “Seven Stars” is a FREE BONUS!

Release Date is the 7th of April 2021 for $17.99

66% Discount - Use Coupon Code:- 3gyip6x

Pre-Order NOW and get the product with a 66% Discount, (Buy it for Six Dollars). After April 7th 2021 the price WILL GO UP TO:- $17.99...

The product is currently a working concept, it needs testing, it needs the documentation video done explaining how to use it. All will be done and ready by 7th of April 2021.

When the pre-release period ends the product will go on sale for $17.99.

Take up the pre-order option now and you will get it for just $6.


Use Coupon Code:- 3gyip6x to Get it for $6

What's the catch?

There's no catch. I'm going to complete this project anyway. In fact the coding is in the bag, all that’s lacking is the extras required to make it into a product.

But why sell it for $6 Dollars, why not sell it for $17.99? It's an incentive for me, the pre-orders, if I know I've sold 5, 10, 15, 20 copies then that's a confirmation that the product is needed.

This is my first use of the excellent facility on gumroad to offer pre-orders. The success of this campaign will see more pre-orders products from Nifty Access. I will offer up several different products, the ones that get the pre-orders will be the products brought to market first.

This is a major advantage for me, and a good business model.

Cheers Tony (Uncle Gizmo)

This product is not currently for sale.
Available on April 7, 2021 at 11:00 AM
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