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With the Nifty Switchboard Builder you can easily open Forms, Reports, Queries, Macros and even VBA code through this interface! Changing the position of an item on a Switchboard Page is as easy as pressing a button! In fact that’s what you do, you press a Command Button! And again for adding a new page, just call up a pop-up form, enter the name of the new page and press a button and you’ve got a new page!

CALL VBA from the Switchboard

I demo the VBA feature, however I only scratched the surface of what can be done with this. For example you can open Forms with a Custom VBA Routine, thereby modifying the Forms look and feel directly through the information you pass through from the switchboard.

More Info on my Nifty Access Website HERE:- Nifty Switchboard Builder

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Nifty Switchboard Builder - MS Access

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